Saturday, September 22, 2018

Photography for birders

There are a number of things which I  just love to do, but four of them I can compact into a single activity; experience nature, take pictures, write, and teach.  Having just retired from a career in teaching which has spanned nearly 30 years, one of my first goals was to write a book on photographing birds.  I have written other books before which I use in my home business of teaching photography, but this project would be different. 

The plan was to do a book in colour, where as my previous creations have been done in black and white so they were photocopy friendly.  It had to be interesting, informative, and above all, fun to write.  It had to convey the four passions and present them in a combined effort.  The result is the book which I titled, "Photography for Birders (and other wildlife enthusiasts)."

The book is self published.    It is available through my website,  There are 76 pages with 115 photographs and six chapters.  I also will be teaching a new course of the same title starting in the winter session here at a local college.  Its purpose, as with that of the book, is to help those with a passion for nature and photography to combine the two successfully. 

The photo of the book cover above is of an eastern kingbird feeding its chicks; I shot this while hiking at a wildlife conservation area in Creston, BC. early in the summer this year.  What I love about the image is that everything came together very nicely.  The parent is nicely squared to the camera and not at some obscure angle.  A dragonfly which was plucked from the air is clearly visible in its beak.  The chicks are engaged, extended, and attentive.  The sun, to my back, illuminated the scene well allowing good shutter speeds.  There was no clutter in front of the camera and the nest was actually about eye level so that I could see everything quite clearly.  It was an awesome moment.

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