Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Fantail - New Zealand

Fantail - photographed in New Zealand
Sometimes a bird's name does not do it justice.  There are names like "catbird" for sound, "swallow"  for the large mouth, and "wood pecker" for a bird's behaviour.  The fantail benefits from a great name, describing the physical show which the male enthusiastically displays when showing off for a female while at the same time telling other males to move along.
Wonderfully active birds, I had seen a couple of them, but was treated to quite the show when this fellow danced all throughout its territory.  I must have taken thirty or forty images, following him about from place to place - staying still for barely moments at a time.  Both the male and female have long tail feathers; unproportionately longer than what you would expect from such a small bird.
Isn't nature's diversity wonderful?

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