Wednesday, November 7, 2018

The Tui - New Zealand

The tui is quite a peculiar bird, certainly from my limited north western North American perspective.  I was first struck by their white waddles which the male displays underneath its chin.  Then I saw another one with fairly amazing colours adorning it.  Finally, if that didn't top them all, I got a shot of this one with these amazing white neck feathers.
I am writing this from my motel which I am staying in at the moment in New Zealand.  I took this photo yesterday while visiting a city in the middle east coast of the country.  Over the last few days we have seen a number of these birds, but none were as clearly marked as this one.
You can see the waddles on the image above, although they are a little hard to see because of the light area around them.  Follow the neck curvature around from the beak and, as the neck becomes the chest you can see one of them.  I have other better shots of them, but this is by far my best shot overall.
My bird book tells me they are omnivorous feeding on insects; here it is going after seeds.  They seem to be quite a gregarious bird and are not shy around humans.

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